Knee pain relief without surgery

A person holding their knee in pain If you experience knee pain as a result of aging, osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, overuse, work, sports or other injuries—it doesn’t mean you need surgery. Even if you feel you’ve tried it all, at Thrive Medical, you can avoid surgery and live a life free of pain.

Get the latest treatment.

Dr. Yelling and his team at Thrive Medical of Massapequa will work with you to create a treatment plan curated to your needs, combining the latest regenerative medicine therapies and rehabilitation modalities including:

  • Hyaluronate injections – to lubricate joints, reduce inflammation, promote new cell growth
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) – to accelerate healing
  • Stem cell therapy – to heal damaged tissue
  • Weight management – to reduce the knee load
  • Lifestyle modifications – to assist healing

Dr. Yelling knows knees.

Dr. Yelling brings a personalized, effective approach to nonsurgical knee pain relief. If you’re ready to start living your life pain-free, call 516-308-7540 to schedule an appointment today.


5 stars
“Dr. Yelling gave me my life back. I was in bad pain from my knees. He used stem cells to help ease the pain. Dr. Yelling is a caring, honest and considerate doctor. I have recommended him to other people and will always recommend him.” – GA, patient


5 stars
“Dr. Yelling is a true healer. I went to him after being turned down for surgery. That was 9 months ago, and my knee pain is gone, the swelling severely reduced, and mobility increased. His procedure is painless, he is exacting and efficient in his delivery, and I would send anyone to him. ” – AJP, patient


5 stars
“Dr. Yelling is exceptional, personable and knowledgeable.” – AV, patient


Darron Yelling, DO

Residency: General Surgery, Peninsula Hospital, Far Rockaway, NY

DO: Western University Health Sciences, Pomona, CA